Adding discussion to the mix

[ Jake's Radio 'Blog ] "See the little "comment" link below posts on my site? Click it. Leave me a comment." Cool. This is the sort of thing I was asking about , though in a perfect world it'd also be wiki-style , so people could create a web of commentary. I'm looking forward to Dave et al posting the info on "...how to plug in any discussion server to form communities of Radio sites." [ Peter Drayton's Radio Weblog ]

Here's another option: QuickTopic. Displaying a live count of comments is a problem for statically-served blogs, of course. Lots of ways to attack it. An interesting notion: use the local webserver to do the dynamic updates. I know, I know, the local engine is not ubiquitous. Not yet.

Or, you can do what Jenny does, in which case client-side JS updates the counter.

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