Simon Fell on reliable SOAP messaging

Simon connects the dots

Another piece of this puzzle is reliable messaging. It's available now, in proprietary ways, for example from Kenamea. Simon connects the dots between routing and reliable messaging in Web-services space:

IBM have similar offerings with HTTPR & WSFL [no equivalent to DIME as far as I know]. HTTPR takes a different approach to WS-Routing, in that it tunnels a reliable message exchange over HTTP [I wonder what the REST guys make of that].

Whilst WS-Routing takes a more layered approach, WS-Routing on its own doesn't provide reliablity, but provides the bits needs to make a reliable exchange layer. HTTPR doesn't appear to provide any routing information, so is still limited to point 2 point scenarios. Intermediaries seem to be one of the more useful features of SOAP, which is why I wrote some WS-Routing code a while back.

I think classic queue based middleware such as MSMQ, MQSeries and JMS are going to rule the reliable delivery situations for quite a while yet. [ Simon Fell ]

Just to muddy the waters a bit more, there's a RESTian flavor to KnowNow's event router, with its notion of URIs that look like:


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