News-oriented versus blog-oriented RSS behaviors

A tip from Marc Barrot: control the link's style using a CSS class.

Hmm. Not quite what I'm looking for. Two reasons:

1. The title shouldn't be a link at all in the HTML, if the link only refers to the self-same item.

2. To get the XML to include the permalink, I had to publish the item, capture the permalink, then republish to update the Link field of the posting form.

(Another minor glitch is that a pre-title-feature permalink jumps to the beginning of an item (which may include an inline title), but a post-title-feature permalink jumps past the title.)

What's slightly tricky here is to accommodate some rather different use cases into a common approach. Consider:

a) Marc writes an item, titles it, and defaults to the permalink.

b) Jonathon writes an item, titles it, and links elsewhere.

c) Shelley reads both items in HTML. No problem.

d) Jon reads both items in an aggregator, in titles-only mode.

Problem. I'd want Marc's link to take me to the text of his item, and it does. But I 'd also want Jonathan's link to take me to the text of his item, and it doesn't, I miss his item.

Here's an example of an RSS reader in titles-only mode. Clearly, the normal behavior is b) for news-oriented RSS. Are there even extant examples of a)? And how could the two coexist in a titles-only headline viewer?

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