Ask and ye shall receive: Hannes Wallnofer's Bloggenmoz

Hannes Wallnofer writes:

Welcome to Bloggenmoz!

This site was created to document my attempts to add support for the Blogger API directly to Mozilla Composer . What this means is that people should be able to post to their weblogs directly from the HTML editor that comes with Mozilla. I've started coding over the weekend and already have a functional prototype. Here's a screenshot: screenshot 1 ( Click here if thepopup script doesn't work) You can get my current code from the download page . You'll also find installation instructions as well as some notes and caveats. Please remember that this code is experimental! This project was inspired by Mike Lee's MozBlog, a Mozilla extension thatis embedded in the browser window and allows for quick posting of smallertexts (think bookmarklet). In contrast, Blogger API support in Composer wouldbe ideal for writing longer texts, something that is very unconvenient withbrowser-based solutions. There's more to come soon - stay tuned and let me know what you think!

I think things are getting really interesting, again! If you try this, remember to enable this Pref. Here are the settings I'm using in the Publish dialog:

XML-RPC URL http://localhost:5335/RPC2
WeblogID home (why?)
Username from this Pref
Password from this Pref

It's so nice to have the use of a table editor, once again! As Hannes notes in his blog, there's more to do. This really does want to be embedded in Radio's UI, not external to it. And of course the recent innovation around RSS titles is, I guess, not yet available through the Blogger API, so I'll probably go back and title this item. Oh, and I had to tweak some image URLs in source mode in order to refer back to Hannes' site. All this can get sorted out relatively quickly, once there's a critical mass of people who are in a position to use, and appreciate, the full power of hypertextual writing with words, pictures, tables, math, and vector graphics. Bring it on!

(PS: Hannes, some words ran together and I had to do some additional touchup in Radio's editor. But...this is way cool! Thanks so much!)

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