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Peter Drayton on JS.NET:

> I believe there is a market for a language much simpler than VB.NET.

For this, I suggest JScript.NET, which is also included in the .NET Framework. The funny thing is, while JScript is a relatively simple language, the JScript.NET compiler is actually very sophisticated, since it has to support late binding, prototype classes, typed and typeless variables, dynamic evaluation and a slew of other 'scripting' features. Basically the compiler does all the requisite magic to present a very friendly, simple face to programmers, while doing all the underlying goo needed to make these semantics work in the CLR. [ Peter Drayton]

I just tried Peter's example:


var query = new ActiveXObject("IXSSO.Query");

query.Columns = "directory,filename";
query.Query = "@filename=*.txt";
query.Catalog = "System";
var rs = query.CreateRecordSet("sequential");
while (!rs.EOF) {
print(rs(0)+ "
"\\" + rs(1));

Interesting. Could the same principles bring this Perl/Python research to fruition?

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