Sjoerd Visscher's outline renderer / MS XSLT Server

Here's another extremely cool outline renderer over at Sjoerd Visscher's W3Future blog. Beautifully done. I love the optional node property display. This renderer also does something subtle but important that Radio's built-in render doesn't. It distinguishes visually between outline-transclusion links and ordinary hyperlinks. As these exhibit different behaviors, I think it makes sense that they should also look different.

Sjoerd notes, by the way:

In the previous version I used client side XML parsing. But all the different versions of MS's XML parser caused some problems, and IE6 does not allow script to load resources from other domains by default.

I've been struggling with this too. The W3C XLST service is a wonderful way to enable non-server-administrators to compose XSLT-based services. It'd be great to expose the capabilities of MSXML in the same way. Microsoft, how about it? You've got TerraServer running as an example of a heavy-duty MS-based world-accessible service. Why not the MS XSLT Server too?

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