Early adopter advisory: OPML data loss!

How delightfully odd. In my news aggregator, I'm subscribed to the NewsIsFree channel for newly-added channels. The newest channel: Jon Udell's I/O. I never registered it but of course it's public, so it's fair game.

I had been thinking of it as a semi-private space for musings that I didn't want to make part of the more formal record here. Creating such semi-private spaces is one of the next things to bootstrap, of course.

Meanwhile, since my IO has been fully outed, but isn't quite current on NewsIsFree, here's a recent item of interest for those on the bleeding edge.

- Made a separate OPML for my Archives.

- Linked to it from here [i.e., main outline]

- Seemed fine at first, but today I moved an item there expecting to be able to transfer it from the main item to the linked OPML. Seemed to work but...oops, after saving, it wasn't there, and it wasn't here either!

I love the bleeding edge!

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2002/04/02.html#a168