Wiki/weblog integration points

Tony Bowden writes :

Having a wiki output OPML won't work, as it requires creating structure that isn't there. Having a wiki input OPML, on the other hand, might produce much more useful results.

Going the other way, RSS is a great connector. I just introduced myself to Sunir Shah the other day. I was going to suggest that MeatballWiki offer an RSS feed of its RecentChanges when I looked again and lo, it already does . Even nicer would be to include the first diff in that feed, so that somebody scanning a lot of feeds can make better choices about what to read. Heads, decks, and leads. The Wiki naming style makes for nice heads, and some items in the feed have nice decks (short descriptive tags) as well. The first diff would make a nice optional lead.

The model according to which Wikis federate is something that the blogging community could profitably study. Peter Thoeny explained it all to me once. Now I want to look into all that again.

Here's a column from two years ago that compares Wiki and newsgroup collaboration. It ties together several of these themes.

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