Blogspace under the _Macroscope_

Jon Schull makes a convincing case that my recent OReillyNet article should have been called Blogspace under the Macroscope rather than Blogspace under the Microscope. A biological psychologist and entrepeneur, his interests in the biological roots of group information processing and in the need for tools to visualize those information flows would surely have informed my own reflections on these topics.

Happily, he has instituted a weblog to which I am now subscribed. There I found, among other connections, one to the TouchGraph software I mentioned a few days ago. Elsewhere I found a connection through Tim O'Reilly (who knows everybody interesting, it seems) by way of e-books and digital rights.

Writes Jon Schull:

I want to develop a perspective and a community which could help some of the most brilliant minds of the era grow and cross-fertilize their disciplines, and apply some of the most exciting ideas in contemporary science to some of the most pressing problems of our day.

That's something I'd love to watch happen, learn from, and perhaps play some role in.

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