I've temporarily disabled Stepen Downes' referral system for two reasons. One, I'm headed out on the road and, in case I can't get to my weblog, I don't want things getting out of control. (Some people have discovered it's fun to send messages using bogus URLs.)

Two, Radio's Home vs Main templates don't seem to work as I thought. The code that I placed after <%bodytext%> in the Home template was affecting archive pages too, which I thought were (and in some respects clearly are) controlled by the Main template. When I switched Stephen's JavaScript from Home to Main, which makes more sense for this feature anyway, it seemed to have no effect. Maybe a more experienced template hacker than me can fill us in on what's happening here.

In the long run, I'd really prefer to control the back-end of this kind of service myself. However, Stephen's approach is still going to be interesting to a lot of people who aren't in a position to do that.

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