Hyperlinks (are supposed to) matter

An InfoWorld article of mine called Hyperlinks Matter appeared online yesterday. As Robert J Seymour points out , the title was ironic in view of InfoWorld's no-links policy:

If you really want to rally for better URL addressing, please start with your own article. This would be a far more useful article if direct links were provided to the quoted sources and mentioned discussions. [ rsjr ]

Agreed. I hope to see a more web-friendly InfoWorld in the future. Meanwhile, here are some of the links related to the piece:

- Sjoerd Visscher's URIs for Dynamic Pages

- W3C Technical Architecture Group mailing list, May 2000

- Paul Prescod's Extreme Web Services posting to rest-discuss

- W3C primer on URIs, URLs, URNs ...

And here are some that were in the illustration that will appear in the magazine, but did not appear on the web:

1. Macromedia publishes an XML-formatted newsfeed for developers

2. The W3C's XSLT transformation service

3. An XSLT stylesheet that transforms Macromedia's feed into RSS format

4. An RSS version of the Macromedia news feed

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