Common XML: a quiet, stress-free park bench

Sean McGrath always seems to be saying something sensible:

In 1999, the complexity of the XML world was increasingly steadily. Unfortunately, in the intervening years, the rate increased to today's seemingly exponential growth. Stuff we did not even dream of in 1999 such as PSVI (Post Schema Validation Infoset), XPath 2.0, XQuery have added significantly to the sheer complexity. But there is hope. In the midst of all the madness is Common XML -- a quiet, stress free, park bench you can sit on for a while. A welcome haven of simplicity in the sea of complexity.... [ newsletter]

Although the sml-dev list seems to have devolved into pure spam, maybe that's because there wasn't much to do. Perhaps the idea of a core XML subset is just something a lot of people take for granted.

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