Personal RSS aggregators, and a personal note about BYTE

Here's my final column for, on personal RSS aggregators . Pardon me while I wax sentimental for a moment. It has been a long and meaningful relationship.

Fourteen springs ago I entered the Guernsey building in Peterborough, NH, strolled past a row of limited-edition Robert Tinney paintings, and became part of the fabled institution called BYTE Magazine. For the next ten years I watched, spellbound, as the greatest stories of our industry played out on our little stage. I will always be grateful to the colleagues I worked with, the innovators I met and learned from, and most of all the readers whose loyalty and depth of affection so inspired and rewarded me.

Four springs ago I left the Guernsey building for the last time. The only memento I took was one of those Robert Tinney paintings. Some of you will remember it. The year was 1981. The language was Smalltalk. A brightly-colored balloon rose above a castle in the sea.

Since BYTE Magazine ended, I've worked solo as a writer and consultant. After a year's hiatus, returned in a new form. I was happy to contribute, and have worked hard to deliver interesting and useful material. Now it's time to move on. I've joined InfoWorld as lead analyst for the Test Center . You'll find me in the print magazine and also online, still trying to be interesting and useful.

Whatever else we do, though, those of us who were part of BYTE will always remain so. It is forever a brightly-colored balloon rising above a castle in the sea.

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