The web isn't Xanadu, but it's not too shabby either

Ted Nelson (via Dave Winer , via Scott Johnson ):

The original hypertext project, Xanadu®, has always been about pure document structures where authors and readers don't have to think about computerish structures of files and hierarchical directories. The Xanadu project has endeavored to implement a pure structure of links and facilitated re-use of content in any amounts and ways, allowing authors to concentrate on what mattered.

Well yeah, I guess. I can't help but notice, though, that it took me all of five minutes to:

- Visit Ted Nelson's current website

- Notice that he has two recent patents: Interactive connection, viewing, and maneuvering system for complex data and Many-to-many payments system for network content materials

- Google for, and link to, those patents

- Link to Dave's and Scott's items

- Pass this bundle along here

- Oh, and while I'm at it, link to a search for the other posting on this blog about Ted Nelson, which in turn links to an article on Xanadu's open source debut.

Not too shabby, really. If you asked me a decade ago whether all this would become possible in my lifetime, I wouldn't have bet heavily on the outcome we've in fact gotten.


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