What's Next Conference in Brattleboro, Vermont

I'll be giving a couple of talks at the What's Next Conference in Brattleboro, Vermont. One is on web services, the other on application server futures. The date is June 13.

The keynote speaker is Alan Cooper, who designed Visual Basic and wrote The Inmates are Running the Asylum . I've never met Alan, and I'm looking forward to it. His thesis, which is that propellerheads consistently fail to understand basic user needs, looms larger for me all the time.

For example, in response to my item about Xanadu and the success of the web, Ed Nixon wrote to remind me that the hypertext writing skills that seem so easy and natural to me are still, for many people, obscure and difficult. He is surely right. Radio does a great job making the stuff accessible, but we have a long way to go before everyone will be a fluid producer (as well as consumer) of hypertext.

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