Auto-discovery of mySubscriptions.opml

Things are really moving along! I just spoke with Dave Winer. It turns out that, by enabling uploading of mySubscriptions.opml , there already is a canonical XML representation of my feeds, suitable for harvesting. This is unrelated to radio.macros.blogroll, it turns out.

Further, as a result of the new updates, a second headlink appears that refers to mySubscriptions.opml. View source on my homepage to see this. Very cool!

In fact, the limited general visualization I sketched last week could already have been done much more completely, even without this recent improvement. I had simply forgotten about the existence and purpose of mySubscriptions.opml -- and had, in fact, disabled mine for reasons that became obselete once I turned on my channelroll.

The auto-discovery feature will make things even smoother. Still to be sorted out: how will non-Radio sites represent their feed lists? DJ's idea would be fine; OPML would be fine; I don't much care. Either can be easily transformed into the other if need be.

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