RSS auto-discovery and meta-linking, continued

Things are moving very quickly in weblog social networking infrastructure! Let me see if I've got the story straight, vis a vis Radio:

- I'm using <%radio.macros.headLinks ()%>, as per Dave's Links for Blogroll, RSS and Subscriptions

- It generates the RSS discovery link in the homepage

- Which Mark Pilgrim's bookmarklets for Radio and AmphetaDesk can use

- Was the idea also that Radio's aggregator was updated to accept the homepage URL of a site that contains the headlink, and find the RSS feed through it? If so this doesn't seem to be happening, though it's not something I need or care about.

- If I were using OPML to manually maintain a blogroll, and were referring to it with radio.macros.blogroll, then a second headlink would point there.

- However, I'm using my channelroll script to automatically surface my reading list.

- One option would be to surface it is an RSS feed, a la DJ's meta link

- Another would be to have the channelroll script write a blogroll.opml, and then use radio.macros.blogroll to render it.

- Opinions?

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