Bold neighbors

Some weblog neighbors who should be bold are not:

My Weblog Neighborhood . Odd that my site is on the list but is not bold. [ Sam Ruby ]

I think I see the problem. Sam's page contains <link> elements in the body as well as the head. I suspect the fix is to run html.parseLinks against only the content of the <head> element of the HTML page. The harvester can perhaps use tcp.httpClient(method:'HEAD'...) instead of the default method:'GET'? I will try to fix this when I get a chance, but have no time today.

(These kinds of data-related bugs are fascinating. Is there a name for them?)

I spoke with Jon Schull yesterday, who's very interested in visualizing this data. As I mentioned to him, the weblog neighborhood tool is just one of many possible approaches. Its prime virtue, I think, will be to make visible who is, and is not, traversable in this new way. Once many blogs support the new style, there are many paths forward. Jon Schull, I hope, will do his own spidering and visualization. Ideally Google would exploit this new information as well. This is exactly what I meant when I said that the Google API is a two-way street.

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