Groovespace, blogspace, and Google: Q and A from Michael Herman

A little Q and A from Michael Herman, CTO of Parallelspace :

Q: What happens to edge-based content as it ages? e.g. a richly populated Groove shared space?

A: As soon as the content can be indexed and searched, it may physically live at the edge but logically, it becomes a center-based resource.

Q: What is Google?

A: Google is the world's largest distributed document management system. [ Michael Herman, Parallelspace]

My question for Michael (with whom I had several hours of enjoyable debate, at ETCON, about Groovespace vs blogspace) is:

Q: How do you maximize the horizon of observability in Groovespace?

A: I don't know. I think about it a lot, though. I agree that edge services are key, but I don't see the whole picture clearly (yet).

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