Matt Pope on collaborative flow between Groove and blogspace

Matt Pope muses on how collaboration can flow into and out of Groove:

When the conversation merits multi-channel, synchronous dialog, a natural and seamless transition into a Groove shared space from Radio would be very cool. Within Groove, the communication is private and secure between the small group of individuals that need to be intimately engaged. It's like email except exponentially better because it truly is secure, and it is more dynamic, and it can be synchronous, and it can incorporate context (e.g. documents, pictures, markup, etc.) more readily. When the Groove communication ends, the thread, along with any supporting data, can be integrated back to the Radio environment for a wider audience to see. That would be nice. With Tim Knip's wares and edge services, this type of integration is becoming much simpler. This is just one example touch-point for Radio & Groove through SOAP. There are innumerable more. Perhaps we should start a brainstorm on that issue? I do think this is how we begin to maximize Groove's horizon of observability , which Jon Udell is aptly inquiring about. [ Matt Pope]

I am very interested in trying that experiment. It doesn't have to wait for completion of edge services, or Groove blogging integration, either. I have been thinking about the dynamics of scoped zones of collaboration for a long time. It's really just a technique which can be applied using any collaborative tool. For me, years ago, the shared-space technology was the NNTP newsgroup.

I would love it if, in the kind of situation Matt describes -- where an issue arises in blogspace that really does require more tightly-coupled interaction -- I could experience Groove instead of email as the framework for that interaction. If you are a Groove user, find yourself in such a situation, and would like to involve me in a short-term discussion, please do invite me into a Groove space made for that purpose.


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