Radio supports XCOPY deployment

Kevin Altis ran into some admin trouble with Radio:

Since Radio doesn't have a sync feature, so that two machines can run Radio, but keep their data up-to-date on both boxes which seems like a pretty basic feature to me, I'm going to install Radio on my notebook this time, so I can blog while travelling. I was tempted to simply use file synchronization between my desktop and notebook, but given the number of files and object databases Radio uses that sounds like a recipe for disaster. [ Kevin Altis' Radio Weblog ]

FWIW, my recipe for backing up Radio, and also transplanting it to/from my notebook PC for travel, is simply:

xcopy /s /d C:\\radio\\. T:\\radio\\.

In this era of fast networks and capacious hard drives, it's really no problem.

BTW this feature, long missing from Windows due to registry entanglements, is touted as a new thing -- "xcopy deployment" -- in the .NET marketing literature. Works in Radio too :-)

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