This phase of the Groove/weblog experiment is concluding

The Groove/weblog experiment has run its natural course. Jeroen plans to shut down the space. He writes:

-The space is becoming quite heavy the more people join and probably we'll start having sync alerts very soon, cause some people won't check the space regularly

-The number of posted items seems to have an inverse relatioship with the number of peope in it, more people, less posts

-The discussion has been published to the web for future reference, content only no names check:

-The more public the data gets the more people are feeling uncomfortable with it being public.

-Let's continue the discussion on our weblogs and smaller private spaces.

Agreed. It has served its purpose. At the moment, I count 36 members in the space. It's nice to know that's possible, but Jeroen's right, it has passed the point of diminishing returns.

I look forward to continuing the dialog in other venues, both inside and outside Groove.

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