Traction Software's k-logging system

Last week I suggested that the FBI might profitably use a private network of weblogs to more adroitly manage its internal flow of information. Today comes a press release from Traction Software that says in part:

Providence, Rhode Island, June 13, 2002 - In-Q-Tel, a venture group funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has recently signed an expanded enterprise software license agreement with Traction Software, Inc., providing use rights for the latest version and multi-year upgrades of Traction's workgroup information-sharing software.

"Traction's product is a valuable tool among our growing portfolio of cutting-edge technologies that benefit enterprises like the CIA," said Gilman Louie, president and CEO, In-Q-Tel. "The value of Traction is that it makes collecting, organizing, and publishing information to the web or intranet as easy as using email."

According to Traction's literature, it is " a hypertext journaling system that combines elements of popular web logging software with advanced permissioning, auditing, action tracking, search, in-line commentary, and email integration essential to business users."

Traction was formerly known as Twisted Systems, a name that clearly didn't cut the mustard in government circles.

I'm an aficionado of such things, so will be on the lookout to try this software, and to hear from others who have experience with it.


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