Routine intertwingularity and manufactured serendipity

Peter Drayton reports on a free, community-oriented ASP.NET tool just released by Microsoft:

WebMatrix (nee Saturn ) finally shipped! Congrats to the ASP.NET team for producing a kick-ass IDE for ASP.NET - I love how it is more fully-featured than VS.NET in some regards (as in it has web service-specific wizards, an FTP browser, community integration and more). [ Peter Drayton's Radio Weblog ]

In my new role as an InfoWorld analyst, I received a press release about this as well. Fascinatingly, Peter's news reached me hours before the press release did. Here was my comment to the PR rep, who happens to be an ex-military-intelligence person and had, from that perspective, recently written to me about my postings on blogging and homeland security:

Interesting how the world works now. I found out about this a few hours before receiving your email, by way of Peter Drayton's weblog. As a result, your email reached a prepared mind. An interesting example of what Dave Winer calls " triangulation ". Now if only the people who protect our lives could figure this out, eh?

This kind of intertwingularity used to be scary, but now it's just routine. Like Doc settling in for a coffee in London and running into Ben walking his dog.

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