XMethods uses SonicMQ for asynch version of XSpace

Tony Hong from XMethods is here, showing a nifty evolution of XSpace . It's currently a service that implements a simple shared address book. The concept is that of a tuplespace updated and queried by SOAP messages. The new twist, slated to become available July 15, is the use of SonicMQ , a JMS (Java Messaging Service) provider, to add reliability, security, and pub-sub notification services to the message flow.

The new service is done doc/literal style. A writer of the address book sends a XML document, which is the update, to the SonicMQ broker, and receives an acknowledgement. Separately, readers of the address book register with the broker for update notifications.

You'll be able to download Sonic's client software in order to interact with the service. As Tony points out, this is a great first step towards a broader appreciation of SOAP's one-way messaging. Alternatively, you'll be able to interact with the service over straight HTTP. In this scenario the services supplied by JMS will be either missing, or done differently. But the point is: the payload's the same either way, and can tap into evolving standards like WS-Security. Very cool stuff!

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2002/06/25.html#a315