Google, PageRank and k-logging

My weblog buddies will enjoy this sidebar to an article on the Google search appliance. When I say "Google" in that piece, I mean it in a generic sense. Today we associate PageRank with Google. There will be other ways to pool human evaluation of information, and Google will not be the only inventor of such techniques.

The real point is that k-logging needs to be a game that people want to play, not a job they have to do. At the moment, Google has made the game almost scarily addictive. I noticed today I'm authoritative for ASP.NET Apache . This is, of course, one of those temporary distortions to which Google is prone. Ted Neward should really be authoritative for that query, along with Christian Langreiter , and others who I'm now hearing from. But as more people play the game, these distortions will even out, and expertise in all areas will bubble up to the top.

If, like me, you're wired to jump into lots of areas and connect the dots among them, this is a dream come true.

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