Wireless in NYC

One of my Linux Magazine pals, Jeremy Zawodny, has started a weblog. Jeremy is one of those guys who does more than humanly possible. Works for Yahoo Finance by day, and Linux Magazine by night, and (I'm not sure when) is also writing the O'Reilly MySQL book. So of course, there's time for a weblog too. Here's an item from Jeremy:

Wireless at the Park . 802.11b in NYC parks. Way cool! [ Jeremy Zawodny's blog ]

It sure is. As it happens, I am here in NYC for PCExpo. I'm on the 22nd floor of the Parker Meridien at 118 W 57th. When I fired up the ThinkPad -- lo -- there is signal!

This ubquitous data cloud is sure easy to get used to. I made a bet with Steve Gillmor. I'm sure I'll find signal everywhere tomorrow at the show. He's doubtful. We'll see.

It would be fun to walk around this city with a handheld signal strength tester. Something a little less X-Files-like than this setup, demoed by O'Reilly's wireless guru, Rob Flickenger:

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2002/06/25.html#a315