Jeffrey P Shell thinking out loud about Zope

Here's Jeffrey P Shell thinking out loud about a Zope optimization puzzle:

I have a critical Zope Python Script - Python code objects in Zope that are editable through the web, and are subject to being run in a "restricted mode" interpreter that enforces Zope security policies. It's quite long for a single script, weighing in at approximately 170 lines. But it does its job well, and is written with maintainability in mind (there's only one variable in there that I find non-obvious, and whose usage I might change). Unfortunately, it seems to do its job slowly. I think there are a few contributing factors to this. [ Industrie Toulouse ]

Jeffrey goes on to ponder some things that I, too, have wondered about -- like the convenience/performance tradeoff of Python scripts versus external methods.

Although Jeffrey reaches no conclusions in this posting, I find his thinking-out-loud process incredibly valuable. Writing is a way to clarify thinking. Doing such writing on a weblog is the primal act of knowledge management. Here are some of the useful outcomes:

- Jeffrey thinks a little harder about this bit of analysis, because he's making it public.

- The fact that Jeffrey is wondering about these issues creates the possibility that, by manufactured serendipity, answers will come to him from people made aware of his interest.

- Now that I know Jeffrey's on the case, I'll remember to check his weblog (or contact him personally) when I next encounter a similar problem.

Thinking out loud isn't always useful, of course. You have to think about interesting things, and articulate them in useful ways, as Jeffrey always does. Dave Winer calls this "narrating the work." Knowledge management is really just about cultivating that habit and that skill.

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