OASIS and WS-Security

Under the OASIS umbrella, more folks are linking arms to support WS-Security:

The OASIS standards consortium has organized a new technical committee to advance the WS-Security specification. WS-Security provides a foundation for secure Web services, laying the groundwork for higher-level facilities such as federation, policy, and trust. Through the open OASIS process, providers and users will come together to extend the functionality of WS-Security, which was originally published by IBM, Microsoft, and Verisign. [ OASIS]

I plan to attend a forum ("co-sponsored by OASIS and W3C") in Boston on Aug 26 to hear more about this. The picture is still quite fuzzy, frankly, but it does appear we're in a market-making let's-all-work-together phase.

PS: Maybe that shouldn't be surprising. According to today's NY Times, we are wired to cooperate, and doing so lights up the pleasure centers of the brain.

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