What do you want to know today?

Brad Choate's blog uses referral data in a really clever way. Search Google like so:


Look for the item entitled [brad choate dot com] MT TrackBack -- it's a few screens down, if you're set to 10 items per screen.

Or was. After posting this item, I rechecked and couldn't find it. The non-repeatability of these Google-related demonstrations is frustrating.

Anyway, on visiting that URL, the blog reported:

Instant Search

It appears you arrived here from a search engine. Here's few results from a search of my site for the keywords ' trackback movable type':

In other words, it searched itself (using Atomz, in this case, I believe) and expanded the Google query within its local space. Nice!

Elsewhere , Brad reports that Eliot Landrum's MT-RefSearch does something similar for a PHP/MySQL-powered blog.

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