Changing Radio upstream locations: bug and workaround

I'm finally moving this weblog to an InfoWorld address, probably on Monday. As a test, I upstreamed to that location tonight, by checking the box here and filling in the form. Everything transferred fine. But then, when I unchecked the box -- because I wanted to revert back to until the final cutover -- I ran into a problem. Radio kept on uploading to the new place, and wouldn't forget it and go back to the old place.

Thanks to Lawrence Lee and Jake Savin for the workaround:$14904

Here's the scary thing. I ended up calling Jake, and he talked me through the fix before I got Lawrence's email with the URL of the writeup. After Jake dictated the fix and I typed it into my QuickScript window, it occurred to me to ask if Jake was reading this stuff not from a screen, but rather from the inside of his eyeballs. Yup. He was. Yikes!

Former URL: