Welcome to Lee Felsenstein

For a decade starting in 1975, Lee Felsenstein moderated the legendary Homebrew Computer Club.

In 1993 he published an article in Dr. Dobbs, entitled The Commons of Information , that said in part:

Looking ahead, we can forsee a time not too far distant in which a large number of such systems operate simultaneously, some under the auspices of institutions like the public libraries, some sponsored by businesses and by nonprofit organizations or churches, and all available from both private and public terminals. These systems will have the capability to be networked among servers into a centerless web to allow the transfer of messages and the automatic updating of forums which are shared among several servers. The hooks are in place for this capability now, using the protocol appropriate for Internet transport.

A few hours ago, Lee entered the blogosphere . Welcome!

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2002/08/03.html#a363