A new approach to mobile groupware

Comes with futuristic costumes!
Eric Staller's ConferenceBike

I thought I'd seen every groupware idea under the sun, but Eric Staller's ConferenceBike (formerly Octos) was completely unexpected. Here's how Hans Josso described it:

I love to watch the riders smiling, and the expressions of surprise on the faces of passers-by. It's a carefree ride for the passengers: they're pedalling, but someone else is steering. They feel secure and comfortable. They realise they are sharing something wonderful, and this starts some great conversations, even among strangers. [ bicyclecommuter.com ]

Thanks for the link, Michael. And thanks for the idea, Eric. It's been long week, and this really made my Friday!

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2002/08/30.html#a393