CxO bloggers

I'm particularly interested in C[ETI]Os who are using blogs to communicate goals, strategies, and perspectives. So I've added a feature to this blog that helps keep track of these CxO bloggers.

This was also a chance to put Marc Barrot's excellent activeRenderer to work. Although his blog is called SLAM (for Site Logging and Monitoring), and is nominally about system administration, Marc has become deeply fascinated with outline processing and has built some great tools to extend Radio's outlining capabilities.

The " how this works " page, linked to from instances of activeRenderer, documents how to use it. Briefly, here's what I did:

1. Wrote the outline in Radio's outliner , where it's easy to maintain.

2. Saved it to the /radio/www/gems directory as cxoBlogs.opml, which in turn causes it to upstream to .

3. Added the following to my homepage template:

<p><%activeRendererHeader () %>
<%activeRoll (
" ",
title:"CxO bloggers" )%>

Nice! Thanks, Marc! This is an ideal way to manage a chunk of structured data compactly and elegantly.

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