Namespaces in the Scripting News feed

Sam Ruby notes that the Scripting News RSS feed now declares a namespace:

While it is not yet listed in the spec, Scripting News's rss feed is sporting a namespace! Excellent! Now it is quite reasonable for a parser to say things like, "sorry, there is no fullitem element defined in the namespace - hey, Jon, get your own namespace." [ Sam Ruby ]

Cool. Actually I don't need a namespace of my own, I'm using some existing ones: Dublin Core and RSS 1.0's mod_content. Here's how I'm forming the <dc:date> now, by the way:

add("<dc:date>" + html.getOneTagValue(xml.coercions.frontierValueToTaggedText(@adrpost^.when,0), "dateTime.iso8601") + "</dc:date>");

I realized Radio had to have the iso8601 logic in there for SOAP. This is one way to get at it.

Sam continues:

We still have an opportunity to heal some of the rift between the two branches - simply by embracing instead of displacing one or more of the existing modules .

I agree. I'd like to see Scripting News not merely declare an abstract namespace, but actually use elements from well-known namespaces such as Dublin Core.


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