The 39 steps

BEA claimed recently that "Hello world" is a 5-step procedure in WebLogic Workshop, versus a 28-step procedure in WebSphere Application Developer. IBM, of course, rebutted. Now Graham Glass points to another voice challenging BEA:

my friend iyad jabri decided to post an open letter to BEA's latest claims about productivity tools. pretty gutsy. i hope it pays off. his company's product looks pretty awesome: [ what's next? ]

Here's an anecdote from the hallway, between sessions at InfoWorld's Web services conference. I was chatting with a CTO and a VC. Both told me they've never seen a buyer's market like this one. Vendors are being expected to trot out their wares and perform in bakeoffs. Buyers have the time and inclination to shop slowly and carefully. When the upturn comes, the CTO and VC told me, IT consumers will be a lot smarter and better-informed than they were during the tulip craze. If they're right, marketing bluster alone won't drive many sales in the current climate.

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