RSS continuity, continued

Will Cox has a simpler, more elegant solution to RSS feed continuity. In his view, the channel would assert its own address, and the spec would prescribe how aggregators would use that assertion. He illustrates the idea with respect to RSS 1.0, but the same could be done in 2.0.

The channel element contains metadata describing the channel itself, including a title, brief description, and URL link to the described resource (the channel provider's home page, for instance). The {resource} URL of the channel element's rdf:about attribute must be unique with respect to any other rdf:about attributes in the RSS document and is a URI which identifies the channel. Most commonly, this is either the URL of the homepage being described or a URL where the RSS file can be found. This is the URI of the feed itself. If it changes, user agents SHOULD update references to the channel. [ The Peanut Gallery ]


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