Spinning Google's knobs

I'm delighted with the recent changes in Google's ranking algorithm, including this one:

... the consensus appears to be that the "knob" which controls the relevance of the HTML title of any particular web page has been adjusted upwards. [ Sam Ruby ]

The title of Sam's posting is "Titles Matter." This is something I have obsessively preached and practiced, so it's fun to see that Google's #1 hit for "Titles Matter" is, in fact, my " Why Titles Matter " item from March.

And yes, the ranking for " Jon " has fallen from #1 to #4. Be careful what you wish for! Chatting with Sergey Brin after his keynote at the recent InfoWorld conference, I said: "You know, I'm grateful for the blog loophole, but I'm certainly not the most important Jon." I was thinking that Senator Jon Kyle , for example, ought to have prominent ranking -- as he now does. What's up with this site , though?


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