Marc Barrot implements browser-based OPML transclusion

Marc Barrot can't stop tinkering with outlines. His latest hack implements Radio-outliner-style transclusion in the browser. You can see it working on his blog. Expand the activeRollers item, then expand any of the items under it -- such as, for example, my CTO blogroll. Brilliant!

As Marc explains, this is OPML-based transclusion done in the browser. He writes:

Transclusion will move forward, supporting other publishing formats, and providing ways to achieve creative, visible and accountable re-use of original documents.

It's a powerful idea. I, for example, am forever gathering sets of web pages when I research new topics. In effect, I build myself a subset web that helps me organize and think about a subject. It'd be sweet to do that collecting and organizing in an outliner, then be able to save the result in a single operation, take it offline as needed, and explore it hypertextually.

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