Apple filesystem futures

Jeffrey P Shell sniffs out the real significance of Jaguar's rumored journaling file system:

If this turns out to be true, it will be very interesting: Journaling File System Layer to appear in Mac OS X 10.2.2 ....Of real interest - Apple did bring in Dominic Giampaolo a while ago. Giampaolo wrote BeOS's journaled BFS file system. With luck, more BFS features will find their way into Mac OS X, allowing OS X to beat Microsoft's Longhorn/Yukon projects to market. [ Industrie Toulouse ]

This would be a really smart move on Apple's part, whether or not an enriched file system were to beat Yukon to market. In a column a few years ago, I relayed a discussion about ReiserFS and the BeOS filesystem (BFS), two examples that advance the state of the art in a more incremental way than I expect Yukon will attempt.

It seems odd that so little progess has been made on the filesystem front, but then again, maybe not. There hasn't, until now, been the right intersection of open technology, desktop apps, and users. Apple's uniquely positioned to whip these ingredients into an innovative froth.

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