Open road, open spectrum

Reflecting on Kevin Werbach's fabulous essay on open spectrum, Jeremy Allaire notes a fascinating parallel to the formative era of the Internet:

In 1991 and 1992, Lotus founder and chairman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Mitch Kapor, was out driving what he called the "Open Road" agenda for the commercialization of the Internet . Mitch's work had a huge influence on my views for how and why the Internet would evolve as a platform, despite government and industry efforts to build a separate, highly integrated, tightly controlled "information superhighway".


The Open Spectrum today is the world of 802.11 and WiFi... A little nudge or push in the right direction --- just what Kevin is recommending --- could go a long way to making that happen in a richer, faster way. [ Jeremy Allaire's Radio]

Like Jeremy (and others) I applaud Kevin's excellent analysis and cogent proposals. There are a few green shoots pushing up from the blasted remains of the tech sector. We need to nurture them.


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