Validating RSS

Many thanks to Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby for their outstanding work on the RSS Validator, which as others have noticed has a tantalizing, yet-to-be-revealed connection to the Internet Archive.

This post tests a correction to my feed which should bring it into compliance. As I mentioned a few weeks back, a discrepancy between two interpretations of the ISO8601 date format had already been brought to my attention. Sure enough, the validator caught that -- and in the nicest, most helpful way, explained how to fix it.

I could frankly care less about how to express an IS08601 date, but I care enormously about RSS interoperability. So I've added the regex to my RSS writer that should make my <dc:date> be what Dublin Core wants it to be. (Yup. It worked)

Sam writes today:

Perhaps in a small way, the world is a better place today than it was yesterday. RSS Validator. Top of blogdex. Top of daypop. Wow.


In other news, Simon Fell's proposal to use ETags to prevent aggregators from excessively hammering on feeds seems to be gaining traction. All this adds up to a great way to start the day!

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