Connecting people to XML

XML DOCUMENTS, encapsulated in SOAP messages, are the packets of the business Web. Standards efforts now underway focus on how to create, transform, interpret, sign, and encrypt these packets as they flow among communicating applications and services. Because XML documents will often model the real business documents that support business processes, such as purchase orders, it's clear that people will need to be able to write them, too. Sadly, the tools that capture nearly all of our keystrokes -- e-mail, word processors, Web pages -- can't compose valid XML. Solving this problem is as critical as any challenge facing Web services today. Ideally every operating system would offer a standard XML editing component, embeddable in Web pages and GUI applications. Wired to a DTD (Document Type Definition) or XML Schema, this component would allow users to interactively create or modify valid instances of the DTD or schema. [Full story at]

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