The RESTful SOAP meme

Mark O'Neill ruminates usefully on the intersection of RESTful SOAP and security:

Expressing a Web Service as a URI means that the respresentation of the Web Service can tie into access control systems and policies, using SAML, at a fine grained per-Web-Service level. Whether the authorization is done using ACLs or RBAC, using an individual URI means that the way in which the Web Service is referenced as a "resource" in a security policy can match the way in which it is referenced by a Web Service client. This seems to me like a good thing - and another reason to remember by URIs were important in the first place. [ Mark O'Neill's Radio Weblog]

It's great to see this meme echoing in so many places. The day after I visited Groove to look at their new Web services stuff, I had a conversation with Tim Bray about his information visualization company, Antartica Systems. He says that the web of linked documents, as an architectural style, is a wildly productive -- and fun -- way to do software development.

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