Anil Dash has some excellent thoughts on microcontent and the microclient:

Microcontent is meme-sized pieces of the Internet. We've discovered in the last few years that navigating the web in meme-sized chunks is the natural idiom of the Internet. So it's time to create a tool that's designed for the job of viewing, managing, and publishing microcontent. This tool is the microcontent client. [ magazine]

The Google toolbar is an example of a microcontent client. So is Huevos. So, arguably, are the speakable Web services I wrote about in this month's O'Reilly Network column.

I like the microcontent idea. It strikes me, though, that perhaps there won't be a single all-purpose client, but rather a diverse collection of little tools that flourish at the intersection between a services-rich Internet, and an integration-savvy desktop.

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