All your documents are belong to Google

Today, in order to use SOAPscope to debug some C# code that calls a SOAP listener on localhost, I had to convince .NET to route SOAP traffic through SOAPscope's proxy. How? I didn't immediately find the answer in the SOAPscope docs, so I googled for "mindreef .net proxy" and landed here. Cool! Unfortunately, that doesn't work. I gave Mark Ericson a call, and he set me straight. There's a bug in the localhost case, he says, so you have to install the MindReef .NET Tools (from the start menu folder), and then, if your program is foo.exe, make a foo.exe.config in the same directory like so:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      <proxy proxyaddress = "http://localhost:5049/" 
            bypassonlocal = "false"/> 
<!-- Mindreef proxy implementation to allow sending to
localhost -->
     <module type="Mindreef.Net.WebProxyEx, MrTools,
       Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=90f6595dbbe888f3"

It turns out that all this is explained in the release notes. Which aren't searchable. So, as continues to amaze me, stuff out there in the cloud is easier to find than stuff right here on my own hard disk. Moral: it's fine to ship HTML docs, but give them to Google too.

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