Script locally, publish globally

InfoWorld Test Center Director Steve Gillmor and I have always thought that Groove is the tool we ought to be using to coordinate our team's ongoing mind-meld, aka the InfoWorld editorial process. It hasn't worked out that way, though. I used to blame that on Steve, who has little use for communication that doesn't show up as text (in the body, *not* an attachment!) of e-mail messages delivered to his BlackBerry. As for me, I was perfectly willing to haul my ThinkPad everywhere ... until Apple's OS X-powered TiBook lured me from the straight-and-narrow, that is. Can a BlackBerry junkie and a TiBook renegade get any collaborative mileage out of Groove? Assuming that Windows PCs continue to figure prominently in our technology mix -- as they most assuredly do -- the answer appears to be "yes," thanks to Groove Web Services. [Full story at]

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