LibraryLookup, Voyager edition

The LibraryLookup project has added support for another vendor of library systems: Endeavor. Thanks to Marcy Leversee of Antioch New England, a graduate school in my hometown of Keene, NH, for making me aware of Endeavor. Yesterday, Marcy pointed me to their customer list. I saved a copy immediately (in case it should mysteriously disappear!), and was able to spider a list of 86 libraries mentioned on that page, or on the pages it points to.

The result: LibraryLookup (Voyager).

The list has some prestigious names: National Library of Medicine, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Museum of Modern Art. But it's much shorter than the Innovative version, partly because many of the names have no links I could follow. As an experiment, I'm going to include a comment link on this post. If your Voyager library isn't on the list, and you'd like it to be, please add a comment in the following format:


In other words: the name of your library, a vertical bar, and an URL. The URL is not necessarily the same as your institution's homepage. To find out what's needed here, do a Voyager search, capture the URL, and throw away /cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi and everything after that.

Here's the comment link.

Former URL: