The power of ISBN

Geoff at the Blog Driver's Waltz asks:

Kenton or Peter (or Piyapong) - can you make this happen with Sirsi? That's so cool. [ the Blog Driver's Waltz]

Wow! Check out all those libraries. But, sadly, Sirsi doesn't seem to support ISBN queries. I can see I'm about to learn more about library science than I ever planned to. Jenny wrote yesterday saying:

I sent news of your Librarylookup bookmarklet to the WEB4LIB mailing list, and I got an interesting response from Thomas Dowling:

"Simultaneously, the OpenURL list is nodding in sage agreement that the ISBN is nearly useless for identifying a text. OhioLINK gave up on ISBN-based links several years ago, except as an absolute last resort."

Hmm. Might want to rethink that.

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