LibraryLookup project rolls along

The LibraryLookup project is rolling along nicely. Yesterday's insight about Googling for services proved fruitful. I found another 300+ Voyager libraries that way, and updated the Voyager list accordingly, bringing the total to around 400. So that's about 1500 libraries so far. Of course as Will Cox points out, that's still only a tiny fraction of U.S. libraries.

In other news, Howard Hansen tweaked the regexp to work with, and I rolled that change into all three lists I've posted. And Jonnosan came up with a Safari 1 looker-upper. " The link to drag and drop is here: Lookup on Safari," he writes. In other words: given an ISBN-bearing URL, you can use this bookmarklet to look up the book in Safari. The inverse is also possible, of course. Another tweak to the code would enable the bookmarklet to do a lookup from Safari to your local library.

I've discovered a hard limit on the size of the bookmarklet's code, though. IE 6 evidently fails silently if you exceed 508 characters, though other browsers are more generous. So it may not feasible to incorporate every imaginable variation into a single version.

1 Disclosure: I helped create Safari.

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